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Our platform allows anyone to build a career as an influencer and transform their social media presence into a sustainable and consistent revenue stream.

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We welcome nano-influencers, micro-influencers, macro-influencers - even aspiring influencers just starting out. See our Terms of Service for full details.

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Everyone who abides by our Code of Conduct can join and start earning money as an Aimee influencer. No prior vetting, no follower minimums.

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Unlike traditional influencer marketing campaigns, brands do not approve your content before you post, and there's no need to identify your content as a promotional post.

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We connect you to an exceptional roster of brands, so you can feel confident that you're promoting quality brands and products that align with your style and attract more followers.

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We negotiate the best payment rates for the biggest and best brands on your behalf, and offer extra earning potential through special events and revenue sharing.

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As long as your followers can make a purchase, it doesn't matter where you are. Just have an active PayPal account and you're all set. See PayPal Global for details.