What Does Aimee Do?

Aimee helps you earn money promoting products you love from famous brands.

We connect brands to influencers / creators / organizers, and anyone else with an audience. You earn a commission by promoting products to the people who listen to you.

Find a product you like, tell others about it by posting a special link (a promo for that product), and you'll earn a commission (about 10% of the purchase price) whenever someone buys it.

Promote as many products you like as often as you like. There's no limit.

Aimee influencers earn money promoting brands and products

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How Do I Use Aimee?

Create a promo and share it on social media

You sign up and make an Aimee promo link and share it with your followers.

  1. Choose a brand you like (we have hundreds to choose from)
  2. Find a product you love on that brand's website
  3. In our member's Admin area, get your special link (the promo) to that product
  4. Share that promo link everywhere you want - social media posts, channel comments, it doesn't matter
  5. Repeat the process as much as you want!

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What Makes Aimee Special?

Anyone anywhere who abides by our code of conduct can use Aimee and earn money.

  • We accept influencers of all shapes and sizes! See our Terms of Service
  • If you're small and just starting out, that's great - your just the right size for Aimee!
  • There's power in numbers. We negotiate the best payment rates from the biggest brands on your behalf.
  • We work with you and guide you through the process. Special events and revenue sharing make your earning opportunities enormous!
Anyone with an audience can be an Aimee influencer

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