Small Influencers, Meet Big Earnings.

Aimee is a talent agency for micro-influencers. We help micro-influencers learn how to use their influence, earn money, and grow into mega influencers.

The Aimee micro-influencer management platform is currently in closed beta. If you are a social media influencer and would like to learn more about our closed beta, please contact us:

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Big Brands: Reach a Better Audience.

Aimee is a pure pay for performance network. Brands only pay on e-commerce conversions. Using Aimee is no-risk and all-reward - a 100% upside and infinite ROI plaform.

Aimee's large micro-influencer talent pool reaches people of all types in many locations. While our current focus is on influencers and consumers in the USA, our talent pool has influence worldwide. If you wish to learn more about how Aimee works, please contact us:

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